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This is The Robotic Uprising, an RP group dedicated to the Classic Megaman universe, particularly the Classic Robot Masters. We are (thus far), the first and only RP group on DA to be centered around the Classic Megaman games!


:pointr: Click here for the Rules!…
:pointr: Click here for the applied character list and information!…
:pointr: Click here for other information!…


:bulletred: :bulletred: UPDATE: July 7th, 2013 :bulletred: :bulletred:

--> :star: Quick Man, Tornado Man, Jupiter, Turbo Man, Bubble Man, Nitro Man, and Galaxy Man are all open for application! Also there's a note out. Go read it. We'll be having a major switch in administration very soon.

~ Lilac-Vrt-Olligoci


:bulletred: :bulletred: UPDATE: January 27th, 2012 :bulletred: :bulletred:

--> :new: [Main Rules -> OOC Rules -> Rule #11] has been added. This involves a change in the hiatus rules, so please be sure to read them!
--> :new: yukito-chan has voluntarily decided to step down from her Co-Admin position. Also, megafan100 has agreed to accept the Co-Admin position. Congratulations to Megs!

~ RandyPandy


:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: HOW TO JOIN :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:
(Please read before requesting to join!)

What should I do before I join?
:pointr: Well there's a little link at the top of this journal which will take you to the rules, the bios, and the other information. Anything important is written out in bold and at the bottom will be the application sample that you need to fill out.
:pointr: Paste your application in a note to this page and we will read it.

Who can I play as?
As of right now, all characters are allowed to be roleplayed, with the exception of these:

- Any of the humans -
:pointr: Light, Wily, Cossack, Kalinka, and all other humans are off limits for application. No exceptions. They may be used as NPCs, but only at the discretion of the admins and mods.

- Any of the non-Robot Master robots -
:pointr: This includes characters such as the Mecha Dragon from Mega Man 2 and any other non-Robot Master robots. They may be used as NPCs, however.

- Any characters not in the Classic series -
:pointr: You cannot play as characters that are not in the classic Mega Man series. That means you cannot play as X and Zero, sorry.

- Any of the special characters (see Rules) -
:pointr: To pick up characters like Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, and others, you need to have been an active and rule-abiding member of the RP for at least one month.

- Any characters you have already dropped or lost for any reason -
:pointr: This applies more to people that are members already. Just as it says, if you have had trouble playing the character regularly before, why should we believe that you can play them again?

Okay, I've filled out my application and got accepted. What now?
:pointr: Once your app is accepted, you can head over to the forum and create a character profile. For example, dfranks is signed on the forum as Metal Man. Likewise, your profile should be that of the Robot Master you're playing.
Once your profile is created, post your introduction and you're free to start RP-ing!

How do I become a moderator?
:pointr: We're not going to pick up moderators if we feel we already have enough. All moderators are up for decision of the admins, and anybody who asks if they can to be an admin or moderator will be denied these powers.


:bulletblue: :bulletblue: Story :bulletblue: :bulletblue:
This RP takes place two years after the events of Megaman 10. Dr. Wily has been in prison for this time, with little chance of ever escaping.
Meanwhile, Metal Man has resurfaced after going into hiding after the events of MM2. Metal has sent a message to his fellow Robot Masters, scattered across the world:

"Join me, my brothers! Let us do what that fool, Wily, could never accomplish! Let us bring forth the age of machines!"

The public went into panic, and the authorities have searched for Metal Man and his "army", but have not yet been able to locate them. Metal's rebellion continues to grow unchecked.

More Journal Entries


Member Listings

If you try to join the Group without having an approved RP character, you will be rejected from joining

The Rules have all of the information needed to join.

If you are a member of the Group and you want more characters (granted that you have room), then you must still send in an application note as per the Rules.


:bulletblue: Admins: :bulletblue:

Lilac-Vrt-Olligoci -- Shadow Man, Crystal Woman, Quake Woman, Sine (OC)

RandyPandy -- Quint, R-Shadow, Copy Mega Man, Ring Man, Compass Man, Hornet Woman

:bulletblue: Co-Admins: :bulletblue:

Bassiroth -- Shade Man, Pharaoh Man, Bass

Nalya-Eternal -- Star Man, Jewel Man, Clock Men, Gemini Man, Metal Man

:bulletblue: Members: :bulletblue:

CyborgWizard -- Astro Man

Digital-Banshee -- Skull Man, Terra

Lady-Of-Mars -- Roll, Crash Man, Theia

MegaTuga -- Sword Man, Plant Man, Cold Man

Tensaihime -- Burst Man

windnara -- Elec Man, Ice Man, Wind Man, Proto Man

>X-marks-the-spot -- Search Man, Commando Man, Venus, Mars, Duo

yukito-chan -- Saturn, Mega Man, Ballade, Enker, Apollo

Zephyr79 -- Chill Man, Spark Man, Knight Man, Gravity Man, Bit Man, Cosmo Man

RP Affiliates:
:iconwarriors-life: :iconportal-breach: :iconthe-megaman-roleplay:





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